Bonfire Night Security


1. Bonfire Night is peak time for incidents of arson and other anti-social behaviour; protect your home from attacks by equipping your doors with Letterplates and flame retardent Mailbags.

2. It can be common for criminals to target wheelie bins with arson attacks; consider installing a Gravity Lock so your bin lid can only be opened with a key.

3. Install motion detecting security lighting at your property to stop potential vandals in their tracks.

4. Going out to watch a local firework display? Opportunist thieves will be on the lookout for empty properties; ensure all windows and doors are securely locked and set your house alarm before leaving.

5. If you will be walking to and from a local display then increase your personal safety by carrying a Personal Attack Alarm, a must-have for the dark winter nights.


Halloween Security


1. It’s likely you’re going to get a lot of callers, mainly after dark; remember to use your door chain every time you answer the door to reduce the likelihood of bogus callers conning you.

2. Before answering your front door make sure your back door and all windows are shut and locked to eliminate the risk of distraction burglary

3. Equip your doorstep with reliable security lighting so that you can clearly see who is calling; if you’re not sure, don’t open the door!

4. Don’t keep any valuables in sight or within reach of your door, even with a door chain on; some callers may try a ‘Grab and Go’ theft while you are occupied.

5. Consider setting a time that you stop answering the door to callers, particularly if you live alone. Most genuine trick or treaters will be children who won’t be out late into the evening; this is the time when bogus callers may try their luck.

Student Security Focus: Which Personal Alarm is right for you?

Safety on the move…

In this piece we are once again focusing on Student Security, in particular how to enhance personal safety as the dark winter nights draw in.

It is common consensus that a Personal Alarm is a must-have accessory for any student, particularly those who spend a lot of time commuting by foot. This is especially true during the darker nights of October – February, with potential criminals looking to strike under cover of darkness.

What is a Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm is a small device that can make a big difference. Designed to be carried at all times, most alarms will typically come with attachments for your key ring or bag. When activated the alarm issues a powerful, piercing siren that can shock, disorientate and discourage attackers. The alarm noise will also draw attention to the scene of the attempted crime.

Why should I own a Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm is the kind of device that you will hopefully never need, but that gives you peace of mind and a sense of security. Plenty of students do their commuting by foot, often alone if it is for the purpose of a late-night library session, meaning they can be a target for opportunist criminals who assume they will be carrying valuable items such as smartphones and laptops. A personal alarm provides a reliable line of defence against would-be attackers.

When should I use a Personal Alarm?

You should be ready to use your alarm whenever you feel threatened; it is better to be safe than sorry. If you find yourself alone on a quiet street or walking through a secluded park then be sure to be aware of your surroundings and keep the alarm within quick and easy reach. Always travel in groups where possible, particularly after dark. If you do find yourself walking alone then try to walk with confidence as those who look vulnerable will be the first to be targeted.

The wide range and styles of personal alarms now available means there is something to fit all tastes and needs; check out our guide below to see which personal alarm is right for you:

Understandably plenty of you will want an alarm that not only protects you, but looks good while doing so. There are various units available that benefit from modern, sleek design such as the Defender Midi & Dual Siren, or the lightweight Defender Slimline.

Perhaps you want an alarm that looks innocent and harmless, until it kicks into life with a 130dBs+ siren that will stop attackers in their tracks. Consider the Defender Heart, Panda, Dalmatian & Football alarms; these attractive units can masquerade as regular key chain charms until protection is required.


If you want more for your money, why not consider a personal alarm that also doubles as a bag alarm AND possesses a handy torch for your key ring during darker nights: the Defender All Purpose brings all of this to the table and is also available as a Mini.
Similarly the Defender IIIT combines being the UK’s loudest personal alarm (143dBs!) with being fully wall-mountable as a door entry alarm, meaning both your personal security and home security are enhanced.

Police Approved
If it is important to you that your alarm holds Police Approved accreditation then look no further than the Defender MKA; this robust unit holds both the coveted Secured By Design and Sold Secure certificates, also available with a torch. The previously mentioned IIIT also holds the same accreditation.


On The Go
If a key chain alarm isn’t quite right for you then the Defender Wrist Alarm is the ideal alternative; perfect for joggers and cyclists.
If you get around with the help of a mobile device such as a wheelchair, or if you are on crutches, then consider the Mobility Aid Alarm with its handy multi-use attachment capabilities.

To find out more, or to order your alarm, contact our team on 01352 736125.