Road Safety Week – Top Tips

This week, 23-29 November, has seen the return of National Road Safety Week coordinated by Brake, the road safety charity.


Solon Security support and supply numerous Road Safety initiatives across the country through our wide network of customers and contacts. So it is great to see this initiative continuing to go strong in its 18th year.

For those of you who have been inspired this week and may be looking to ditch the car more often, we have compiled 5 Top Tips for Road Safety below that will help ensure you stay safe:

1)  Around this time of the year visibility is low for all road users, even during daylight hours. Ensure you are stocked up on Hi-Vis Clothing & Accessories to maximise your appearance.

2)  If you are a keen cyclist then reliable bike lights are essential over the coming months. If possible keep some spare batteries in your rucksack in case your lights run out of power whist you are travelling.

3)  Another essential for all cyclists is proper safety equipment such as helmets and elbow/knee pads. These items can save serious injury, or even your life, in the event of a collision.

4)  Always be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you obey all highway code and road laws to minimise the risk of an accident. It is down to all road users to share the streets responsibly.

5)  Pedestrians can be just as likely to be involved in accidents as cyclists. Whether you are walking, jogging or skating, ensure you can be easily seen. This is especially true in locations with minimal street lighting, or for those accompanied by children.

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How Loud is a Personal Attack Alarm?

In previous posts we have looked at the benefits of owning a Personal Alarm, particularly with our focus on Darker Nights Security over the winter.

Advertisements for Personal Alarms will often cite the decibels (dBs) of the siren as a big selling point, with most units measuring around the 130dBs mark. But just how loud is this? Check out our handy comparison guide below!

10 dBs:
A pin dropping.

70-80 dBs:
Toilet flushing, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock.

90-100 dBs:
Lawn mower, food blender, farm tractor.

110-120 dBs:
Handheld drill, chainsaw, thunderclap.

130-140 dBs:
Air raid siren, Defender Personal Alarms.


150-160 dBs:
Jet taking off, shotgun fired.

As you can see from the above, the typical 130-140 dBs siren range on Personal Alarms ranks them above chainsaws and alongside air raid sirens in terms of volume! Certainly loud enough to shock, disorientate and discourage a potential attacker!

For more information, or to get yourself a Personal Alarm, you can call our team on 01352 736125.


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