How Loud is a Personal Attack Alarm?

In previous posts we have looked at the benefits of owning a Personal Alarm, particularly with our focus on Darker Nights Security over the winter.

Advertisements for Personal Alarms will often cite the decibels (dBs) of the siren as a big selling point, with most units measuring around the 130dBs mark. But just how loud is this? Check out our handy comparison guide below!

10 dBs:
A pin dropping.

70-80 dBs:
Toilet flushing, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock.

90-100 dBs:
Lawn mower, food blender, farm tractor.

110-120 dBs:
Handheld drill, chainsaw, thunderclap.

130-140 dBs:
Air raid siren, Defender Personal Alarms.


150-160 dBs:
Jet taking off, shotgun fired.

As you can see from the above, the typical 130-140 dBs siren range on Personal Alarms ranks them above chainsaws and alongside air raid sirens in terms of volume! Certainly loud enough to shock, disorientate and discourage a potential attacker!

For more information, or to get yourself a Personal Alarm, you can call our team on 01352 736125.


Sources: Purdue University,,


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