Key Safes – What you need to know

Key Safes are an increasingly common fixture at properties across the UK, but what exactly are they and why are they so popular? 

07155930editThe Police Approved Keyguard XL is the
newest and most secure key safe to hit the market

Key safes do exactly what the name suggests; they keep keys safe from unauthorised users. Installed in a subtle, outdoor location at a residential property or business, keys are locked inside and can only be accessed by entering a preset combination code.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to leave a spare key under a doormat or plant pot. These and similar hiding places (no matter how discreet!) are now common knowledge and wide open to burglars. A reliable key safe is a crucial part of good home security.

There has been a particular rise in usage amongst residential properties in recent years, particularly at the homes of elderly or vulnerable residents in line with increased assistive technology measures across the UK. A correctly used key safe allows the safe coming and going of carers and relatives and whoever else the secure code is shared with, without the need for residents to physically get up and let them in.

This helps cut the risk of slips, trips and falls and eliminates the danger of bogus callers committing distraction burglaries. In the event of an emergency it can also provide first responders with the opportunity to gain entry in a timely manner that could make all the difference. With an ageing population it is important to take such steps to enable independent living.

Away from residential use key safes are perfect for use at holiday homes or private lettings as the keys to a property can be securely left for the visitor to pickup, without the need for the landlord or owner to be present. Many businesses have also taken to using the units to store their office keys on site.

The most secure, highest quality key safes will hold independent security accreditations, such as the UK Police Secured by Design and Sold Secure certifications. The new Keyguard XL holds both of these titles, as well as possessing an anti-tamper backing plate to protect against hammer and saw attacks and a user-friendly 12 push button design for over 4000 possible code combinations.

For more information on key safes or to discuss our range, call our team on 01352 736 125.


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