Product Focus: Police Selected Defender Lumos Torch

Introducing Solon Security’s Defender Lumos, the latest handheld LED torch on the market that has already beaten off stiff competition to become Officially Police Selected for UK Officer use.

With a powerful output of 150 lumens the Lumos is designed to illuminate the darkest of environments with bright white LED light. The torch’s beam also spans an impressive 120m; that’s longer than a football pitch! This optimum combination of power and range makes the Lumos an extremely sought after piece of kit.

As well as its high performance levels the torch has also drawn praise for its robust design, with the tough aluminium alloy body ensuring durability and the IP54 independent waterproof rating highlighting its ability to operate in challenging conditions.

Light by name light by nature, the Lumos weighs in at just 90g meaning it can be seamlessly carried on your person, with a handy wrist strap or belt holster also available for effective storage. The user-friendly design is further complimented with a micro-textured barrel for improved grip.

As well as being selected for Police usage the sturdiness of the torch makes it ideal for other professionals such as mechanics and tradesmen. A reliable torch is also a great accessory to have around the house in the event of power cuts (such as those recently caused by Storm Frank), in the car in case of a breakdown after dark, or for walkers to carry on their person.

For more information on the Defender Lumos Torch, or to get one for yourself, call our team on 01352 736125.


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