CCTV Designed to Capture Rural Crime

Rural Crime has been a growing concern across the UK for the past decade, with such cases estimated to have cost the UK almost £38 million in 2014 according to NFU Mutual.

The term Rural Crime can be used to refer to any crime that affects those living, working or visiting rural areas of the UK (Crimestoppers). Common instances can involve theft, vandalism, fly tipping and even poaching.

Over the years the implementation of CCTV has helped reduce crime and aid the capturing of criminals within traditional hotspots, such as car parks and city centres (College of Policing). However these locations benefit from easy access to electricity that most rural locations do not share, meaning CCTV has not always been a viable option for capturing Rural Criminals.

However there are now quality CCTV units available that are specifically designed to operate within rural environments, using battery power and SD cards to record and store video footage wirelessly. One such example is the Acorn Black Light Camera, shown below.

A camera such as the Acorn (above) runs off regular AA batteries, meaning it is fully portable and unrestricted in its deployment. One set of batteries can be enough to allow the camera to operate for as long as 6 months; the battery life is dependent on usage, so activating the optional PIR function, which means the camera will only power up and record when it senses movement within its 15-20m radius, will conserve battery life considerably.

The best battery powered CCTV (sometimes also referred to as Trail Cams) will come with Night Vision capabilities, meaning they will record regular colour footage during the day, before automatically switching to black and white playback once night has fallen. This means that the rural location in question will be under optimal surveillance 24 hours a day.

Top of the range cameras will also be weatherproof, come with handy accessories such as tree straps or protective cases, and will often have a covert design or finish. A covertly designed camera will blend in more effectively with rural surroundings, catching oblivious criminals in the act.

Battery powered CCTV, mixed with quality security lighting, locks and signage, can enhance the security of a remote location considerably. For more information on Rural Crime security products visit or call our team on 01352 736125.