Product Focus – Card Defender

Contactless cards are fast becoming the norm in Britain, with over 81 million debit and credit cards in circulation now carrying the functionality. In fact, it has been predicted that contactless payments will outstrip cash payments as soon as 2025!

Unfortunately, as “tap and go” technology has improved consumer convenience, it has also improved the scope for criminals and fraudsters to target victims. With all of your payment details now stored on a chip within your card, your pocket, wallet or purse is constantly broadcasting data, ready to be transferred to a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reading terminal or device when it comes into close contact.  For more information on how this works, view our guide HERE.

So how can you protect yourself from the dangers of Digital Pickpockets?
Solon Security are here to help and have recently introduced our innovative Card Defender –  a simple, cost-effective device that has the potential to save you Thousands of pounds, for as little as 89p!

The Card Defender is a credit card sized sleeve that is the perfect for storing your contactless card inside. The wallet is made from a special RFID blocking material that means your card details cannot be skimmed by tech-savvy thieves using handheld payment terminals or mobile phones. As long as your card is inside the Card Defender sleeve, your money and identity are secure!

The Card Defender works with all forms of contactless cards that rely on RFID signals, including credit and debit cards, travel cards (such as Oyster Cards), IDs and swipe cards.

Since it’s launch the Card Defender has proved immensely popular with our trade and retail customers alike, with scores of UK Police Forces purchasing them for distribution to their communities, while members of the public have been taking advantage of our outstanding value bulk pricing online.

Join Solon Security in the fight against Digital Pickpockets by equipping yourself with the most innovative, reliable solution to contactless card crime – the Card Defender is available now online at, or by calling our team on 01352 736125.


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