2016 Festival Security Tips!

Our calendars have officially switched to summer time, which means the 2016 UK Festival Season is ready to get into full swing! From Glastonbury to Secret Garden Party, revelers of all ages up and down the country are dusting off their wellies, shaking out their tents and getting ready for a summer to remember.

With this in mind we’ve pulled together a list of 10 Top Tips for good Festival Security to help you enjoy yourself safely:

1) Lots of people will be using their phones to capture their favourite bands on film or snap some memorable selfies with their friends; a simple Bunjee Cord will ensure your phone won’t be dropped, lost, damaged or swiped by pickpockets in a crowd.

2) A Personal Alarm is the kind of thing you’ll hopefully never need, but it makes sense to carry. Available in a range of designs and sizes, these alarms will discourage attackers and draw attention when needed.

3) If you’re camping, make sure you never leave valuables unattended in your tent! Opportunist thieves are known to roam campsites while people are off enjoying the bands, don’t leave them anything worth taking.

4) If you’re worried about leaving other items like clothing, or even food and drink in your tent then consider investing in a small Padlock to hook through the zips. This will prevent easy entry and make your tent less likely to be targeted!

5) For those of you who love to get right in the thick of it at festivals, you can be the most vulnerable to pickpockets whilst in amongst a large crowd of people. Items like Secret Pockets allow you to store cash and cards securely on your person, hidden from sight!

6) If you’re wearing a bag or backpack whilst enjoying the acts, consider investing in a Carabiner Hook. These cheap, lightweight clips can secure the zips of your bag together, meaning you’re less likely to be a victim of bag dipping.

7) If you’re leaving your car parked up at a designated car park, be sure not to leave valuables in plain sight or advertise their presence in any way. Items like a Sat Nav Windscreen Cloth can help your car remain inconspicuous.

8) A reliable torch is an absolute must for any festival goers who are camping (that walk back to your tent after the final act can be dark and wobbly!) Items like Wind Up Torches are brilliant for illuminating your path and conserving battery life!

9) Looking for some light in your tent at night? A PIR Night Light can illuminate your surroundings when needed, or be set to switch on whenever someone walks past for added security!

10) Most importantly make sure you enjoy yourself, but do so responsibly!

For more information on personal safety and security, visit our website www.redlinesecurity.co.uk.