Holiday Security Top 10 Tips – Summer 2016

Are you getting ready to head off on your holidays this month? 

If you’ll be leaving your property unattended then make sure it’s left in the most secure condition possible. Our Holiday Security Top 10 Tips should help:

1. Ensure all valuable items are left out of plain sight. Put things like laptops, games consoles and jewelry boxes inside cupboards or drawers.

2. Mark all property with your details using a UV marker pen. This invisible ink shows up under UV light and helps Police identify and recover stolen items.

3. Remember to test and set your home alarm system before you leave. As well as attracting attention when activated, highly visible alarm systems will deter thieves from targeting your property in the first place.

4. Check, double-check and triple-check all doors and windows are closed and locked. The same applies to your shed, garage and any outbuildings you have.

5. Set timers to switch on lights and other appliances to make it appear someone is home whilst you’re away. Remember, an obvious empty house is an obvious target for burglars!

6. Make sure any garden tools and equipment, including ladders, are stored and locked away in a shed or garage. Don’t leave easy pickings lying around!

7. Motion sensor security lighting is ideal for discouraging thieves and trespassers from entering your property. As well as deterring entry, the bright lights will attract attention and discourage burglars.

8. Consider installing CCTV at your property for maximum protection. Certain remote systems now allow you to check the camera feed from your smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

9. Ensure you cancel and milk or newspaper subscriptions you have for the duration of your time away, a build up of bottles or papers will make it obvious your home is empty.  Also consider asking a trusted neighbour to tidy away your post.

10. Finally, avoid putting your travelling plans on social media! Information on when you’re leaving and how long you’re gone for can easily find its way into the wrong hands… Wait till you’re back, then share all you like!

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Product Focus: Holiday Security Pack

It’s that time of the year again, summer holiday season is upon us! Maybe the kids have just finished school, maybe it’s the annual ‘slow period’ in work, or maybe you’ve just decided you need a well-deserved break! Whatever the reason, plenty of us across the country will be heading off on our jollies over the coming weeks.

Whether you’re jetting off into the sun or enjoying a domestic break here in the UK, one sure fire way of enjoying your holiday to the max is feeling safe in the knowledge that you have left your home secure against the threat of burglars and intruders.

That’s where the Holiday Security Pack comes in – with just one great-value purchase you can equip your property with 5 high quality home security devices, as selected in partnership with UK Police forces!

Read on to find out how the contents of the Holiday Security Pack can hold the fort while you’re away!

holiday pack

1. PIR Alarm with RF Key Fob

This simple but effective alarm unit uses PIR motion sensor technology, with a powerful 130dBs siren ready to shock intruders and attract attention. Key fob activated, a mounting bracket is included for optimum positioning in your property and battery power means no wiring is required for easy installation.

2. Key Fob Autodialer

One of the most popular home security devices on the market. The key fob activated autodialer connects direct to your phone socket and stores up to 3 programmable numbers along with a 20 second user-recorded message. In the event the PIR sensor detects motion, the unit autodials the 3 numbers and plays the message, alerting the listener to the intrusion. A 125dBs siren is built-in, giving you the additional option to shock intruders as well.

3. FakeTV

As seen on Dragon’s Den, This Morning and The Gadget Show, the FakeTV is a hugely useful device that mimics the LED display of a television, giving the impression that someone is home watching TV, even when your property is unoccupied. An after-dark timer means the unit can be set to activate automatically in the evenings for added protection.

4. 24hr Segment Timer

The essential Holiday Security item; segment timers are easy to use accessories that allow you to set specific times for lights and other appliances to switch on/off. Fool burglars into thinking someone is home in the evenings by having a hallway lamp flick on, or the kitchen radio crackle into life.

5. UV Property Marking Pen

A UV marker pen allows you to mark valuables and accessories with your details (such as name, number & post code etc.), in invisible ink that only shows up under UV light. In the event of valuables being stolen, UV marking makes it easier for Police to identify and subsequently return any  stolen items.

To purchase your own Holiday Security Pack, or to shop for other security essentials including Safe Cans, External Alarm Systems and Remote CCTV, visit our retail website

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