Student Security – Which Bike Lock is Best for You?

A fresh university year is upon us once again, which means the coming weeks will see campuses across the UK come alive with the sound of bells and chains, as eager (or probably just late) students whizz around on their bikes.

Commuting via cycling is a consistently growing trend amongst UK students, particularly in recent years as universities have started offering discount schemes on buying bikes for their scholars (if you’re not aware of this, check with your SU) and investing in making campuses and surrounding access roads bike-friendly.

Most importantly, as well as being a good way of working a bit of exercise into your daily routine, cycling to and from uni is also every student’s favourite ‘F’ word… Free!

The only downside to two-wheeled travel? The danger of opportunist bike thieves. Almost all universities now provide sheltered and well-lit places to park your bikes, but it’s still down to you to ensure the bike is locked and secured.

The right lock can make the difference between finding your bike waiting for you when you return, or having to buy a replacement. So which bike lock is best for you? Check our three different categories below to find out:

Police ApprovedIf you want the ultimate in bike locking security in terms of strength and reliability, then then Master Lock Gold Sold Secure D Lock is the one for you. Holding both the coveted Secured by Design and Sold Secure accreditations, these locks have been tested to the highest level by Police and Locksmith Associations. Available in a variety of colours, these locks come with three keys and a carrier bracket that allows you to conveniently attach the lock to your bike whilst riding.

Lock/Alarm Combopadlock-alarmPerhaps you want the security of a hardened steel shackle, with the added deterrent of a 110dBs two tone siren? In which case this Padlock Alarm ticks all your boxes. Compact and easy to transport, the keyed lock is fully weather resistant and tamper proof, with the powerful alarm using shock sensor technology to ward off thieves.


Quick and Easy
If you’re looking for reliability mixed with affordability, then consider the Master Lock Self-Coiling Combination Padlock . This low cost, lightweight lock is quick and easy to use, with a 4 digit combination lock eliminating the need to carry a key. The lock also self-coils when not in use, making it convenient to transport and carry.

TOP TIP: As well as locking your bike frame, using locks or cables on your wheels will enhance your bike security even more!


After considering the different options available, also take some time to assess your own circumstances:

How expensive is your bike? It is common consensus that you should spend at least 10% of the value of your bike on a lock to secure it.

Where and when do you use your bike? Does your university have a secure bike parking facility? If so you can probably get away with a slightly cheaper lock, just to reinforce your security. However if you leave your bike in public places e.g. tied to posts and railings then the most secure lock may suit you more.

For more bike security and road safety equipment, visit 


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