Seasonal Security Solutions for the Countdown to Christmas!

Throngs of shoppers braving the frosty high streets, ever-expanding piles of presents under the tree… and a whiff of anticipation in the air for criminals everywhere – Christmas is well and truly upon us.

As we get caught up in the goodwill and merriment of the festive period, it can be easy to allow thoughts on home and personal security to drift to the back of our minds. However it is important to remain vigilant, as Christmas is seen as a time of maximum opportunity for burglars and pickpockets.

Keep yourself and your possessions safe with our Super Seven Tips:

1)  Pickpockets and bag thieves thrive in the hustle and bustle of high streets and shopping centres at this time of the year. Equip yourself with Anti-Theft Items to frustrate criminals.

2)  The rise of Digital Pickpockets that skim data from contactless cards is also a serious concern for shoppers this Christmas. Make sure you have a Card Defender to protect yourself from possible theft and identity fraud.

Card Defender ImageYou can read our previous blog about the growing threat of contactless card crime Here! 

3)  If you’re not usually home before dark, Segment Timers are perfect for setting your tree, decorations and regular house lights to switch on automatically, giving burglars the impression your home is occupied.

4)  In the days leading up to Christmas, lots of expensive new presents are stored under the tree. Don’t advertise this bounty to burglars; keep curtains or blinds closed and doors and windows locked and alarmed.

5)  The festive period is prime time for Bogus Callers, who take the opportunity to pose as carol singers or charitable workers. Always remember to utilise peep holes and Door Chains when answering. If you’re not sure, don’t open the door!

6)  Outdoors, make sure all access points are well lit with quality Security Lighting. Indoors, make sure you have (and use!) a reliable motion alarm system.

7)  Hopefully you’ve ended up on Santa’s Nice List this year… Make sure you mark all new gifts and valuables using Property Marking Kits to deter thieves from targeting them. Don’t lose your presents before you’ve had a chance to enjoy them!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Solon Security! 

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