Product Focus: Holiday Security Pack

It’s that time of the year again, summer holiday season is upon us! Maybe the kids have just finished school, maybe it’s the annual ‘slow period’ in work, or maybe you’ve just decided you need a well-deserved break! Whatever the reason, plenty of us across the country will be heading off on our jollies over the coming weeks.

Whether you’re jetting off into the sun or enjoying a domestic break here in the UK, one sure fire way of enjoying your holiday to the max is feeling safe in the knowledge that you have left your home secure against the threat of burglars and intruders.

That’s where the Holiday Security Pack comes in – with just one great-value purchase you can equip your property with 5 high quality home security devices, as selected in partnership with UK Police forces!

Read on to find out how the contents of the Holiday Security Pack can hold the fort while you’re away!

holiday pack

1. PIR Alarm with RF Key Fob

This simple but effective alarm unit uses PIR motion sensor technology, with a powerful 130dBs siren ready to shock intruders and attract attention. Key fob activated, a mounting bracket is included for optimum positioning in your property and battery power means no wiring is required for easy installation.

2. Key Fob Autodialer

One of the most popular home security devices on the market. The key fob activated autodialer connects direct to your phone socket and stores up to 3 programmable numbers along with a 20 second user-recorded message. In the event the PIR sensor detects motion, the unit autodials the 3 numbers and plays the message, alerting the listener to the intrusion. A 125dBs siren is built-in, giving you the additional option to shock intruders as well.

3. FakeTV

As seen on Dragon’s Den, This Morning and The Gadget Show, the FakeTV is a hugely useful device that mimics the LED display of a television, giving the impression that someone is home watching TV, even when your property is unoccupied. An after-dark timer means the unit can be set to activate automatically in the evenings for added protection.

4. 24hr Segment Timer

The essential Holiday Security item; segment timers are easy to use accessories that allow you to set specific times for lights and other appliances to switch on/off. Fool burglars into thinking someone is home in the evenings by having a hallway lamp flick on, or the kitchen radio crackle into life.

5. UV Property Marking Pen

A UV marker pen allows you to mark valuables and accessories with your details (such as name, number & post code etc.), in invisible ink that only shows up under UV light. In the event of valuables being stolen, UV marking makes it easier for Police to identify and subsequently return any  stolen items.

To purchase your own Holiday Security Pack, or to shop for other security essentials including Safe Cans, External Alarm Systems and Remote CCTV, visit our retail website

SPECIAL OFFER – ALL orders throughout July and August will receive a FREE UV Property Marking Pen and you can use our ‘Summer16’ code for 10% off your order total!


Product Focus – Card Defender

Contactless cards are fast becoming the norm in Britain, with over 81 million debit and credit cards in circulation now carrying the functionality. In fact, it has been predicted that contactless payments will outstrip cash payments as soon as 2025!

Unfortunately, as “tap and go” technology has improved consumer convenience, it has also improved the scope for criminals and fraudsters to target victims. With all of your payment details now stored on a chip within your card, your pocket, wallet or purse is constantly broadcasting data, ready to be transferred to a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reading terminal or device when it comes into close contact.  For more information on how this works, view our guide HERE.

So how can you protect yourself from the dangers of Digital Pickpockets?
Solon Security are here to help and have recently introduced our innovative Card Defender –  a simple, cost-effective device that has the potential to save you Thousands of pounds, for as little as 89p!

The Card Defender is a credit card sized sleeve that is the perfect for storing your contactless card inside. The wallet is made from a special RFID blocking material that means your card details cannot be skimmed by tech-savvy thieves using handheld payment terminals or mobile phones. As long as your card is inside the Card Defender sleeve, your money and identity are secure!

The Card Defender works with all forms of contactless cards that rely on RFID signals, including credit and debit cards, travel cards (such as Oyster Cards), IDs and swipe cards.

Since it’s launch the Card Defender has proved immensely popular with our trade and retail customers alike, with scores of UK Police Forces purchasing them for distribution to their communities, while members of the public have been taking advantage of our outstanding value bulk pricing online.

Join Solon Security in the fight against Digital Pickpockets by equipping yourself with the most innovative, reliable solution to contactless card crime – the Card Defender is available now online at, or by calling our team on 01352 736125.

Product Focus: Police Selected Defender Lumos Torch

Introducing Solon Security’s Defender Lumos, the latest handheld LED torch on the market that has already beaten off stiff competition to become Officially Police Selected for UK Officer use.

With a powerful output of 150 lumens the Lumos is designed to illuminate the darkest of environments with bright white LED light. The torch’s beam also spans an impressive 120m; that’s longer than a football pitch! This optimum combination of power and range makes the Lumos an extremely sought after piece of kit.

As well as its high performance levels the torch has also drawn praise for its robust design, with the tough aluminium alloy body ensuring durability and the IP54 independent waterproof rating highlighting its ability to operate in challenging conditions.

Light by name light by nature, the Lumos weighs in at just 90g meaning it can be seamlessly carried on your person, with a handy wrist strap or belt holster also available for effective storage. The user-friendly design is further complimented with a micro-textured barrel for improved grip.

As well as being selected for Police usage the sturdiness of the torch makes it ideal for other professionals such as mechanics and tradesmen. A reliable torch is also a great accessory to have around the house in the event of power cuts (such as those recently caused by Storm Frank), in the car in case of a breakdown after dark, or for walkers to carry on their person.

For more information on the Defender Lumos Torch, or to get one for yourself, call our team on 01352 736125.

Key Safes – What you need to know

Key Safes are an increasingly common fixture at properties across the UK, but what exactly are they and why are they so popular? 

07155930editThe Police Approved Keyguard XL is the
newest and most secure key safe to hit the market

Key safes do exactly what the name suggests; they keep keys safe from unauthorised users. Installed in a subtle, outdoor location at a residential property or business, keys are locked inside and can only be accessed by entering a preset combination code.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to leave a spare key under a doormat or plant pot. These and similar hiding places (no matter how discreet!) are now common knowledge and wide open to burglars. A reliable key safe is a crucial part of good home security.

There has been a particular rise in usage amongst residential properties in recent years, particularly at the homes of elderly or vulnerable residents in line with increased assistive technology measures across the UK. A correctly used key safe allows the safe coming and going of carers and relatives and whoever else the secure code is shared with, without the need for residents to physically get up and let them in.

This helps cut the risk of slips, trips and falls and eliminates the danger of bogus callers committing distraction burglaries. In the event of an emergency it can also provide first responders with the opportunity to gain entry in a timely manner that could make all the difference. With an ageing population it is important to take such steps to enable independent living.

Away from residential use key safes are perfect for use at holiday homes or private lettings as the keys to a property can be securely left for the visitor to pickup, without the need for the landlord or owner to be present. Many businesses have also taken to using the units to store their office keys on site.

The most secure, highest quality key safes will hold independent security accreditations, such as the UK Police Secured by Design and Sold Secure certifications. The new Keyguard XL holds both of these titles, as well as possessing an anti-tamper backing plate to protect against hammer and saw attacks and a user-friendly 12 push button design for over 4000 possible code combinations.

For more information on key safes or to discuss our range, call our team on 01352 736 125.

How Loud is a Personal Attack Alarm?

In previous posts we have looked at the benefits of owning a Personal Alarm, particularly with our focus on Darker Nights Security over the winter.

Advertisements for Personal Alarms will often cite the decibels (dBs) of the siren as a big selling point, with most units measuring around the 130dBs mark. But just how loud is this? Check out our handy comparison guide below!

10 dBs:
A pin dropping.

70-80 dBs:
Toilet flushing, vacuum cleaner, alarm clock.

90-100 dBs:
Lawn mower, food blender, farm tractor.

110-120 dBs:
Handheld drill, chainsaw, thunderclap.

130-140 dBs:
Air raid siren, Defender Personal Alarms.


150-160 dBs:
Jet taking off, shotgun fired.

As you can see from the above, the typical 130-140 dBs siren range on Personal Alarms ranks them above chainsaws and alongside air raid sirens in terms of volume! Certainly loud enough to shock, disorientate and discourage a potential attacker!

For more information, or to get yourself a Personal Alarm, you can call our team on 01352 736125.


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Product Focus: PVCu Door Chain Stay Secure – Chain Your Door!

Introducing the new Police Approved PVCu Door Chain from Solon Security.

Hello and welcome back to the Solon Security blog page!
In this piece we will be drawing attention to the launch of one of our newest police approved security products: the Defender PVCu Door Chain.

Door Chains are a must-have accessory for any secure property, particularly with incidents of distraction burglary and bogus callers rife across the UK. Your front door is your first line of defence against these sort of criminals so it is important to protect it with the highest quality equipment.

Chains allow you to identify and verify random visitors without allowing them access to your property. Perfect for guarding against bogus callers.

Not familiar with distraction burglary/bogus callers? Click Here to read our
Who, What, Why When, Where and How guide…

The Solon Security Defender PVCu Door Chain brings guaranteed quality to the table (or more accurately, to the door!) This is reflected by the product receiving the coveted Secured By Design accreditation, which means it has been judged to meet Police preferred specifications, as well as undergoing rigorous testing to standard TS003 : 2012 and being fully CE approved.

As well as its excellent performance it is the intelligent design of the product that really makes it stand out from the crowd, as the chain can be installed without any need for any drilling to the door frame. This means there is no risk of causing any damage to the frame or lock mechanism of your door, which can be costly to repair and leave you vulnerable in the meantime. What’s more the versatility of the chain means it can be used with any PVCu door.

These typically high levels of performance, innovation and convenience combine to make this one of Solon Security’s best door chain ever.

To get more information, or to order your very own Police Approved Door Chain, simply call our team on 01352 736125. Office hours Mon-Fri 08:30 – 17:00.