Outdoor Security: How to ‘Spring Forward’ Securely

This year the 27 March sees the clocks officially Spring Forward, meaning we can all begin to enjoy longer days and lighter nights. This time of the year also means we can look forward to 3 bank holiday weekends in the next 10 weeks!

Many of us will use the coming months as an opportunity to get out in the garden to salvage our flowerbeds, or blow the dust off our power tools in the shed. Others will see the upcoming bank holidays as the perfect time to get the BBQ out for it’s first turn of the year.

Whatever you’re planning to do follow our 5 Top Tips for good outdoor and garden security:

1) The first time you get back out into your garden, take the time to have a walk around your perimeter and see if you can spot any potential weakspots; if you can spot a way in, so can a burglar!

2) Whether you’re toiling with your new hedge trimmer or re-mastering the handling of your lawnmower, ensure all tools and equipment are safely locked away after use inside your shed.  Don’t leave valuable items out in the open for thieves to snatch!

3) There’s no point in having a shed if you don’t keep it locked! Make sure you have a sturdy locking hasp and/or padlock fixed to the door and consider shock sensor alarms for the doors and windows.

4) Many burglars will target walls or fences as the simplest ways to breach your perimeter. For a simple but ultra-effective solution consider installing a lightweight wooden trellis on top of your existing fencing, making them near-impossible to put weight on and deterring climbers!

5) Whilst you are occupied in the back garden busy planting, painting or barbecuing, some opportunist thieves will look to target the front of your home, undisturbed. Ensure the front of the house is protected with reliable door and window alarms that will get your attention if activated.

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Family Safety Week 2016 – Safety Starts with a Secure Home!

This week sees the return of Family Safety Week across the UK, an annual initiative run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

This year’s focus is on keeping children safe in the home, particularly in regard to preventing accidents and removing hazards. For more information you can visit the website here.

The first step to keeping your family safe is to ensure they live in a secure environment . With this in mind we have prepared a list of 10 Top Tips for keeping your family home safe from external threats, such as burglars and vandals, and internal risks such as accidents and house fires. Take a look below:

1) Let’s start with the basics: ensure all windows and doors are securely locked whenever they are not in use or are left unattended. Use British Standard locks for maximum protection.

2) You can add an additional layer of security to your home by installing window alarms and door handle alarms. These simple devices can help prevent forced entry and sneak-in burglaries.

3) It is important to practice good Doorstep Security to combat bogus callers and distraction burglary; install a Police Approved door chain and always ask for ID. If you’re not sure, don’t open the door!

4) Good home security extends to your garden too; ensure any sheds or outbuildings are kept securely locked and alarmed, with any tools or other equipment tidied away.

5) CCTV is one of the most effective anti-theft devices your home can have, enabling you to spot potential thieves or vandals and make it easier for Police to catch them.

6) Decoy CCTV can be equally valuable in terms of deterring burglars, particularly when the units are positioned in plain sight, and won’t break the bank! Hi-Vis warning signage is similarly effective.

7) Security lighting is a constant deterrent to thieves all year round, particularly solar powered models that are easy to install and require no maintenance.

8) Many accidents around the home can occur at night due to poor visibility. Dusk Till Dawn bulbs and Nightlights are great, cost effective and energy efficient ways to combat this risk.

9) Slips, Trips & Falls are common causes of domestic injury, particularly amongst children and the elderly. Consider safety items such as handrails, non-slip tape and covers for sharp edges.

10) Ensure your home is strong on Fire Safety; install both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and ensure they are tested at least once a fortnight.

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